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The Future Conference of Education & AI

The First International Conference on the Future of Education in the Form of Metaverse Technology and Artificial Intelligence with the support and cooperation of the network of virtual universities of the Islamic world and dozens of top universities and scientific associations of the country and the world on the 11th, 12th and 13th of  Ordibehesht 1403 . And enough to improve the quality of education.It will be held based on new technologies and the promotion of culture.


At the closing ceremony of the first international conference on Metaverse Technology, Blockchain and Digital Currencies, the winners of the creative story writing competition were honored with the use of the children's fictional character of Kandak Rabbit. This story writing competition was held during the research week with the participation of 1700 students from 13 provinces of the country.

The best students, as student ambassadors of Iran's Metaverse, designed the creative story of the life of Kandak Rabbit character in the space of the third generation of the Internet in the form of Metaverse, which symbolically lives in the future world as the elite and future generation with virtual reality glasses. They showed the instrument on the closing day.


Address: Tehran, Karim Khan Zand St., Azdi St., end of Aghili dead end, creative industries growth and innovation center, 3rd floor, units 407 and 408
Postal code: 15986-89193

Contact number: (+9821) 28420165
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Academy Board Members:

Dr. Mohsen Ghafary Dr. Safieh Siadat Dr. M.H Davar Pour
Executive Secretary Scientific Secretary Product Development Secretary
PhD in Business Management PhD in Computer Science PhD in Computer Science








Academy faculty members:

Dr. Babak Darvish Rohani Dr. Majid Iranmanesh Eng. Faramarz Kowsari
PhD in Computer Science PhD in Pure Mathematics Master of Electrical Power


Dr. Mohammad DostiZadeh Dr. Ali Ghafary Dr. Ahmad EdalatPanah
PhD in Power Electricity PhD in Sociology PhD in Pure Mathematics








Products and Services

Production of smart writing software connected to the application and based on artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology
Design and production of smart print advertising platform based on augmented reality with the possibility of data analysis
Design and production of cultural signs based on augmented reality
Design and production of technological packaging based on augmented reality
Designing and creating the first technical and academic metaverse of Iran named Karstan
Design and production of permanent virtual reality exhibition of industrial companies
Design and implementation of workshop and laboratory chapters of physics course in virtual reality
Design and production of virtual reality environments for educational interaction
Design and implementation of the virtual reality technology hall of the Asra Omid exhibition of Islamic Azad University
Designing and producing an online store based on virtual reality with the possibility of testing and buying products
Design and production of cultural and tourism virtual reality
Design and production of 3D websites based on virtual reality
Creating 3D avatars with the ability to apply voice and operational usability

Educational and research activities

Holding dozens of webinars and workshops titled "Future World Skills" for high school students
Holding dozens of webinars and workshops with the title of the future of education in the form of metaverse for managers and school officials
Holding dozens of webinars and workshops titled Metaverse, the key to entering the new world at the level of different universities
Holding several webinars and workshops with the title Metaverse, the key to entering the new world for managers and board members of special departments.
Holding dozens of leadership and subject creation workshops with metaverse and artificial intelligence concepts in the relief committee
Holding dozens of webinars and workshops titled Metaverse, the key to entering the new world at the level of different universities
The author of the self-study book Metaverse, the key to entering the new world by Ati Nagar Publications
Author of the book Metaverse, creating a better reality in Farsi and English by Ati Nagar Publications


Day 1 



Explain Blockchain

Fiat currency VS Digital currency


Day 2 

Blockchain & Ethereum and future internet protocol:

What is Block in Blockchain

Bitcoin and digital currency

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum Blockchain

Create Ethereum TikTok

Smart contract 

Day 3 


What is NFT?

NFT history

NFT advantages

Twitter and NFT

Should you buy NFT?

How buy NFT

How sell NFT


Day 4 


What is Metaverse?

Metaverse history

Metaverse value chain

Blockchain in Metaverse

Identity management in blockchain

Workshop: Technology giants 

Day 5 



Play games

Epic games, Steam

Create Unity, Unreal Engine

Day 6

Metaverse Application

Metaverse business


Play Games:

Playing VR games for better understanding the VR concept.

Epic Games, Steam:

Showing VR games in epic games and steam for better understanding the VR games and creating game concept.

Create Unity, Unreal engine:

Create some map in Unity or Unreal engine and run it with VR. For better understanding the VR concept. 

Create VR glass with paper and giving to students:

Give VR glasses to students for gift. 


Blockchain Demo

Send tether to another wallet

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