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The Future Conference of Education & AI

The First International Conference on the Future of Education in the Form of Metaverse Technology and Artificial Intelligence with the support and cooperation of the network of virtual universities of the Islamic world and dozens of top universities and scientific associations of the country and the world on the 11th, 12th and 13th of  Ordibehesht 1403 . And enough to improve the quality of education.It will be held based on new technologies and the promotion of culture.


The First international Metaverse Conference

The First International Conference on Metaverse, in line with the transformation and innovation of the digital economy and future studies within the framework of Metaverse, was organized by the Academic Center for Metaverse Education and Research of Iran, the International Academy of Sciences and Research of Georgia, in collaboration with the Innovation Center of Bank Melli Iran, and more than forty scientific societies from top universities in the country.


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